Boys Basketball Nears the Final Stretch

As the boys’ basketball season nears the final stretch, the outcome of every game counts and the players must be certain they come out on top.

Senior Joshua Morales holds a guard position and believes the team still has some work to do.

“The season [has] gone pretty well overall,” Morales said. “But we have to improve at team chemistry and just work together better. Maybe just pass the ball a little better, try to communicate more.”

On Jan. 30, the team went up against Westview. According to Morales, there wasn’t any elaborate tactic going in.

“We [did not plan] anything too special,” Morales said. “Really, just pressure their guard and play hard defense.”

Although their strategy was simple, a close victory was scored at 38-34.

This victory follows a string of success that has continued since the game against Del Norte, broken only by a single loss against Torrey Pines on Jan. 23.

Despite the loss, Morales feels the game was his best performance of the season.

“Yeah, we lost, but I played some pretty good defense and I scored all the shots I was aiming for,” Morales said.

His feelings about the victory against Rancho Bernardo are reversed, however.

“We won, but I just didn’t do much,” Morales said. “I wasn’t playing as well as I could have.”

Morales remains firm in his belief that the team needs to improve if they hope to continue their winning streak.

“Communication is a big deal and our biggest obstacle,” Morales said. “I think so, anyways. If we just all play together and communicate well…we can make it to CIF.”

The team has done well throughout each of their 22 games, but Morales remains mildly dissatisfied with his own performance.

“I’m pretty proud of our team, but I could always do better,” Morales said. “I don’t always play my best, and I want to change that.”

All the same, Morales remains hopeful that the team will be able to make it to the top.

“My goal is probably just to win league and just get better overall,” Morales said. “I need to practice, play hard, and practice -do anything I can to get better.”

The next game is against Canyon Crest on Feb. 4.

Written by Thomas Clasby

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