MC defeats San Marcos in homecoming game

Photographer | Marianna McMurdock
Photographer | Marianna McMurdock

There are few events that can truly pull a school together as one. One of the most exciting events of this nature is the Homecoming Football game.

Victory! The Sundevils do it again, another win. This time the victim of their wrath was San Marcos. The game was not a disappointment to those who enjoy good football with a close score of 31-28.

“It went really well, our offense kept pushing the ball forward and our defense stayed solid the whole game. We knew it would be challenging, but we had a positive outcome for the game and believed we would win,” Chase Eckman, the team’s kicker said.

This gives the team a record of six wins and three losses. The team experienced a little tremble in performance experiencing three losses in a row.

“I definitely think we have a positive slope coming up right now, I don’t think we’re getting arrogant per say. We’re just focused on the next game, trying to keep it going,” Eckman said.

However, after the last loss against Westview, the team pulled themselves together and has now experienced three wins in a row.

“We got a little upset about the Westview game because they are our rivals and we were expecting to beat them. We really focused up and started going harder at our practices, going full pads and things like that,” Eckman said.

A definite change can be seen in the team, and it may be this change that has given them the edge they needed.

“We introduce new plays every week. Monday is like the first day learning the plays. But definitely morale wise we tried to pull together as more of a family unit and we push towards getting better and getting that win,” Eckman said.

While the team pushes towards gaining morale from each other, the school does it fair share as well. The red sea is more enthusiastic than ever.

Whether the team is performing well or not, the red sea is always there cheering it on. While many schools have groups like the red sea, none can really rally a crowd as well as ours.

The success of this football season is due to efforts both on and off the field with the football team being as solid as ever and the student body leading the morale with everything from the band to the red sea.

This Friday’s game, which is also senior night, is against Del Norte will determine if we place first in the league. Let’s go Sundevils!

Written by Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews was born on September 15th 1996 in Boulder, Colorado. At the age of two he moved with his family to San Diego, California. He joined the MC Sun newspaper during junior year and became the editor of the opinions section, starting his senior year. He enjoys many hobbies including model building, role-play gaming and anime.

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