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Positivity and Kindness Helps Keep Citizens Safe

With tons of terrible things going on in the word relating to the recent global outbreak of COVID-19, it is difficult to put a positive spin on the situation. As many people worldwide are struggling with this pandemic, others have found a way to bring a smile to those who need it and contribute to helping the international masses stay safe.

New Balance uses shoe materials to make and sell masks| Photo Courtesy of Twitter

After the initial shock of this virus and its dangers, many citizens rushed to their local grocery stores to stock up on helpful and preventative assets. As millions of people purchased these resources, the supply decreased and those that were not able to get to the store in time were left at a disadvantage. With this in mind, many companies did what they could to help provide more necessary resources for those who need it. New Balance took a break from making athletic shoes and put their efforts into creating masks for sale. Similarly, Gap Inc. has put aside clothing manufacturing and has begun making masks, gowns, and scrubs for medical workers. Likewise, some alcohol corporations have devoted their resources to making and selling hand sanitizer for the public.

Clear protective mask to allow the deaf and hard of hearing to communicate during pandemic| Photo Courtesy of The Clear Mask

These companies making and selling masks have encouraged consumers to begin wearing masks whenever they leave their homes. This addition to each person’s daily dress code, although helpful in preventing the spread of germs, has put those that are deaf or hard of hearing at a disadvantage. For those that read lips and rely on others’ facial movements to communicate, a mask only prohibits them from having a conversation. Because of this, starting with a young college student in Kentucky, masks made of a transparent fabric have been produced to fix this problem and allow deaf citizens to converse with others.

Baskets lowered from balconies in Naples to help out those in need| Photo Courtesy of NPR

As large corporations are beginning to selflessly help those who truly need it, ordinary citizens are following suit. In Naples, Italy, community activists are lowering baskets down from their balconies that state, “Chi può metta, chi non può prenda,” meaning “those who can, put something in, those who can’t, help yourself.” As people pass by, they drop in or pick up sustainable foods and other necessary resources.

With an increase in positive energy and determination to help out, many top athletes are hosting or supporting charities to help COVID-19 victims and research of the virus. The nonprofit organization, Athletes for Relief, is a source for these athletes to put their popularity towards helping those affected. All the money that is raised gets put towards helping quarantined individuals, social service organizations and healthcare workers.  Many well-known athletes have donated money themselves and others are promoting the cause by offering to sign photos or jerseys for people who donate. 

This ingenious attitude is present in both the athletic and political spheres of influence. Ireland’s current Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, has renewed his medical career to help coronavirus victims. Before becoming his nation’s leader, Varadkar was a doctor for seven years. With millions of his people suffering from COVID-19, the prime minister has reregistered as a medical practitioner and once a week he helps to assess suspected COVID-19 patients.

One of the many famous art pieces creatively redone in one’s home | Photo Courtesy of the Washington Post

With a large portion of the population stuck at home at this time, many people are bored of sitting around in their house all day. Because of this global boredom, numerous entertainment organizations have also posted about fun challenges or contests for their followers to try out. For example, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles (and many other museums around the country) have asked their fans to stay inside and use what they have to recreate their favorite art pieces. Besides drawing and painting, others are listening to new music from their favorite artists released during self-isolation. Many musicians such as P!nk and Chris Martin from Coldplay have live-streamed their own at home concerts for their fans to safely enjoy.

Because of the global shutdown, it is difficult for companies to continue to pay all their employees at a normal rate and many are forced to slash their salaries or even let employees go as a result. However, many corporations are doing all that they can to keep their employees working and earning money. Lyft, a company that connects passengers in need of a ride to drivers looking for business, has put their many drivers who are no longer needed into new forms of employment. Because not many people are getting out of their houses and therefore do not need a ride anywhere, many Lyft drivers have been put to work buying and delivering groceries to peoples’ homes. This compromise allows many people to keep their jobs and lots of others to receive necessities from the safety of their own home.

With so many people feeling bored and unmotivated during this difficult time, these small acts of kindness from well-known beings to even ordinary citizens around the globe truly help make a  massive difference. As people continue to struggle, the MC Sun encourages you to take a step towards kindness and if you need it, to take part in all that is being offered.

Written by Roxy Hudson

Roxy Hudson is Co-Editor-in-Chief for the MCSun, and is going on her third full year of writing with the Sun Staff. She is a Senior runner for the Varsity Cross Country and Track Team and a member of MC's Varsity Soccer Team. When she is not spending her time running in circles on the track, Roxy is usually chilling on the couch with her two adorable chocolate labs or whipping up a tasty dish in the kitchen.

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