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Don’t go cryin’ to your mama : graduation performers announced

Zac Solomon | Photographer
Zac Solomon | Photographer Patchwork Parachute members Dubravka Juric, Tyler Faurot, and Jacob Ugalde mid-show at the Epicentre.

In under one month, the MC class of 2014 will walk across a stage and validate four years of hard work. In under one month, the class of 2014 will bid farewell to their beloved Sundevils and go on to become their respective mascots. And in under one month, every member of the senior class, and their loved ones, will hear the words and lyrics of five senior class performers- prose that will inspire and humor in one swoop.

Several seniors delivered prospective speeches in front of a panel in early May, and two received the honor: Sarah Briggs and Sarah de Leon. Additionally, Dubravka Juric, Jacob Ugalde, and Tyler Faurot were awarded with the chance to perform a song at the graduation ceremony.

The panel represented every faction of Sundevil life, consisting of English teacher Monique Lamphiere-Tamayoshi, vice principal Colin Young, choir instructor Marty Martinez, and senior class president Stephanie Nguyen.

For de Leon, a four-year Theatre at the Mount and Marching Sundevils veteran, preparation for the audition came naturally, though elocution was not her usual style.

“The scariest part about auditioning was actually just being there and performing,” de Leon said. “My cards were even out of order when I got in there; luckily I knew my speech well enough that I knew the next words to say!”

She attributes much of her success to former teacher and speaker, Bob Pacilio. A published author, Pacilio lent his knowledge of public speaking and writing skills to de Leon.

“I have been emailing [Bob Pacilio] back and forth and he advised me to think of something out of the box, something original- something I wanted to tell my class,” she said.

Ultimately, her early enthusiasm manifested into an ideal that fulfilled Bob Pacilio’s advice.

“I believe that my class should have more confidence, in themselves and the path that they decide to choose in life,” she said.

And with a week to prepare after working on Legally Blonde, Dubravka Juric demonstrated that same confidence by auditioning with the song “Ain’t It Fun” by alternative rock group Paramore. Her vocals will be accompanied by the talents of her two band mates from Patchwork Parachute, guitarists Faurot and Ugalde.

“It’s kind of hard to pull that one off, and I’m not sure if I want to do that [song] still,” Juric said.

Casting a shadow over any anxiety the song’s musical complexity may bring, the lyrics of the piece speak to Juric’s steadfast motives.

“The reason that I chose it was oh, it’ll be fun– us moving out into the world; at the same time, the whole don’t go crying to your mama [aspect]is going to suck,” she said.

Juric adds that the song is one of independence and “dusting yourself off if you fall down”.

With the musical promise of three of MC’s most respected performers and original prose of two confident women, the June 2014 graduation ceremony will prove inspirational.


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