Christina Burton | Photographer

Bird is the word!

Christina Burton | Photographer
Christina Burton | Photographer

Bird is the word! Mr. Bird was recently elected Teacher of the Year by his fellow colleagues.

“It’s completely humbling, because there are so many great teachers here on campus, and I just feel blessed to be working here at Mount Carmel.” Bird said.

He fondly reemphasizes the importance of the daily support he receives from his students.

“The students here are amazing, and that makes my job easier, but it’s quite an honor.” Bird said.

Mr. Bird attributes his recognition to his passion for the sciences he teaches, Physics and Geoscience.

“I really love what I do and am passionate about it. I teach geoscience and I love talking about the Earth and its place in the universe,” he said. “I love describing how things work. […] Hopefully my students see that and kind of get some of that passion from me. I just love coming here every day. I love my students and hopefully they understand that I love and care about them.”

Written By Sudarshan Srinivasan and Chloe Jiang

Written by Chloe Jiang

Chloe Jiang is a senior and a co-editor-in-chief of The Sun, a tea aficionado, a La Jolla Cove frequenter, a grammar snob, and an advocate for gender equality. Among her favorite words are bougie and trite.

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