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Smoking tires

Burnouts, loud engine revving, and tire smoke. Sounds like a typical start to a drag race.

Fastest Car, Netflix’s newest series,  showcases three ‘sleeper’ cars facing off against a supercar in a straight line drag race.

A sleeper car is a cheap or unsuspectedly fast car built from the ground up and is often times multiple cars put together. The people that put together sleeper cars are very mechanically inclined and experienced with working on cars. A supercar however,  is a high-tech, well engineered, fast, and expensive sports car. Such supercars include a Lamborghini Aventador, for example.

The overall purpose of the series is to prove that anyone can go fast and compete in a drag race with a ridiculously small budget, and beat a supercar that costs upward of $400,000. People that build loud drag racing sleeper cars are often perceived as stupid and reckless by the public, and rich supercar owners are perceived as superficial people who  buy their problems away.

This show removes all of these negative connotations from the car community. It takes a look at each of the competitor’s lives and shows how each are different, but in the end, all of them are good hearted and hardworking car lovers.

One episode  features an owner of a sleeper truck and his experiences driving other people. He said that his friends have blacked out because of the G-force pushing them into the seat when he floored the gas.

Imagine how thrilling it would be to drive such fast straight line cars. Drag racing is definitely a good hobby for adrenaline junkies.

One of the sleeper car competitors with his 700 hp minivan
Photo courtesy of BroBible

Towards the end of each episode, the three sleepers and one supercar finally face off against each other. Suspense is built up from the start of the race and it is incredible to see these cars take off. I have never seen junk yard sleeper cars go so fast and it is truly surprising.

I always find myself rooting for the underdog in each episode because there is great pride when  a sleeper car built by hand from junk yard parts beats an expensive car in a race.

What this show presents well is the diversity in the car community. Male and female, black and white, rich and poor. These people don’t judge each other by appearance, but by one’s speed.

Written by Oskar Salminen

My name is Oskar Salminen and I am a junior at MC. I am 100% Finnish and have dual citizenship. Also, I love European cars.

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