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Miley Cyrus feels Younger Now

Miley Cyrus ditches her 2013 Bangerz era characterized by wild and unpredictable events and returns to her country roots in her new album Younger Now.

Miley Cyrus’s new album cover | Photo Courtesy of People Magazine

Although she returns to country, Cyrus  doesn’t shy away from her history recent ventures. She manages to combine the two genres to create a cohesive album that represents the genres that have built her character, from the Disney star she began as. This album represents Cyrus’s personal evolution through music.

The album cover suggests a psychedelic 70s theme with Cyrus posing in a pop-rock leather embellished pant suit. Although it doesn’t exactly match the music, it showcases what to expect in upcoming concert performances and music videos.

The album begins with Cyrus’s  second single from the album, “Younger Now.” In this song, lyrics like  “change is a thing you can count on… I feel so much younger now” shows  that she was never scared of her past self. Cyrus acknowledges her past in fond remembrance and moves on.

Inspired by her colorful home studio in Malibu, her song “Rainbowland” features country icon Dolly Parton, who is also Cyrus’s godmother. The two  sing about “living in a rainbowland… where everything goes as planned and I smile.” Cyrus expresses that people are capable of living in a world free of troubles.

The album ends with “Inspired,” a powerful ballad encouraging  listeners  to find and harness their true potential. Cyrus calls it a “new, older version of “The Climb.” She sings “We are meant for more… There’s a lock upon the door, but we hold the key to change.” Cyrus manages to touch on mental health issues and environmental welfare, topics she has

Miley Cyrus poses in front of her Rainbow Studio | Photo Courtesy of Much

been vocal about before during her Happy Hippie Movement.

This album is an acclaimed emotional recovery for Cyrus after from addiction with drugs. A combination of stripped-down, honest songs allows listeners to connect to Cyrus in a way unlike  her previous albums.

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