Get the squeeze on juice cleanses

Green juice, brown juice, kale juice, beet juice. The juice cleanse has become one of the most popular dieting fads among celebrities, health-concerned individuals, or those with a curiosity to see what the trend is all about.

Juice cleansing is a form of fasting where you can only ingest juice, and no solid food for a certain period of time. Cleanses can range from just one day to one week, depending on what effect the cleanser wants. Often, one-day cleanses are used as remedies for detoxifying your body after eating or drinking too much the day before. The longer cleanses are beneficial in developing better eating habits or aiding in weight loss. Typically after being restricted from solid foods, your body craves the more wholesome foods it’s been deprived of and loses desire for unhealthy junk foods. Plus, the release of nutrients and vitamins from the juices can boost your immune system.

There is no specific way to go about a juice cleanse. Many juicing recipe books are available with a multitude of easy at home drinks, which is the less pricey option. The internet also has a plethora of cleanse plans, complete with pre and post cleanse routines including a large water intake and a slow reintroduction of solid foods back into your diet. The other choice is to purchase pre-made juices intended for a structured regiment, which can be ordered online from programs or found in juice bars.g Glow rawtographer

Nekter, a juice bar located in the Carmel Mountain Plaza, distributes individual bottled juices, each with a specific purpose that is described on the label. Each day, you drink six bottles of juice, one every two hours. These juices include all three meals, snacks, and even a dessert bottle that’s said to be “ice cream in a bottle.” There are three different types of cleanses which only differ in juice combinations. Additionally, one day, three day, and five day cleanses are available, but seventy-two dollars per day can be hard on one’s wallet. Celebrities, who have access to personal nutritionists and trainers, can afford to follow through with the commitment and funds required for official cleanses. Such juicers include Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively, and Kate Hudson.

From experience, I can say that cleansing is a lot harder than it looks. First off, you need to ensure that you have all of the right resources and are getting all the protein you need. As an amateur, I drank pomegranate juice, carrot juice, and Naked green machine. My mistake was not concocting my own juices that contained more substance, because I was very hungry throughout the cleanse. I was unable to last the three-day cleanse that I had walked into so confidently, and surrendered somewhere around one-and-a-half days. If done properly, though, cleanses can be very beneficial, and I’d be willing to try again.

While this fad might be tough to stick to, especially with organic ingredients you’ve probably never heard of (What the heck is wheatgrass?), it does have real and proven benefits. Before starting a cleanse, it’s important to do extensive research and ensure that you wouldn’t be trying to live a week on flavored water. And who knows? Maybe kale isn’t so bad after all.

Written by Chloe Heinz

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