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We’ve all heard it before: “Say no to drugs.” Schools and parents warn us away from nicotine and marijuana, but a new drug is sweeping across the globe faster than we can keep up with. Trivia Crack, the quiz game that all your friends have been ignoring you at lunch for, is truly in a league of its own.

Trivia Crack is exactly what it sounds like: trivia questions served with a healthy dose of crack. That’s the only way to explain to the addiction. A colorful wheel spin and a random trivia question, probably about some hockey player you’ve never heard of, shouldn’t be as fun as it is.

Maybe it’s the cute cartoon graphics of the different categories, like a little dancing paintbrush for the art category and a globe that’s always getting rained on for geography. Maybe it’s the game’s reminder to you of what category is your worst, driving a desperate need to prove to this computer program that you are better than this. Most likely, it’s the fact that winning a game of Trivia Crack against a friend feels like an actual high.

Whatever it is, Trivia Crack is no game for the faint of heart. At first, you’ll probably think it’s fun (“Oh, I know the capital of Germany! Berlin!”). But it very quickly descends into chaos, with questions about obscure international sports and ancient history. Answering incorrectly feels like the literal end of the world, and watching the opponent’s characters stack up on the other side is devastating. But still, you play, all because getting that one correct answer is enough to make you forget about all that past failure.

So it’s no surprise that Trivia Crack has over 50 million active users and about 500,000 downloads per day. Etermax, the company that developed the game, is based in Argentina, making Trivia Crack the first app based in Latin America that has reached such international levels of success. Since Trivia Crack’s release, Etermax has experienced unprecedented success with the now wildly popular game.

This isn’t the first time a quiz game has swept the nation, similar trivia app QuizUp, reached success a few years ago. While the hype has died down, millions still play QuizUp in every category from Grey’s Anatomy to Southeastern Asian Geography.

So what is it about quiz games that gets people so heated? Maybe it’s the knowledge that losing means enduring constant mockery for the rest of your life because you’re apparently the only person who has never seen Nacho Libre. Whatever it is, Trivia Crack looks like it’s burst straight out of the gate as the front runner for hottest game of 2015 only a few weeks in. Brush up on your movie knowledge and learn literally everything there is to know about Michael Jordan, because Trivia Crack glory is now the biggest indicator of a fulfilled life.

Written by Annie Price

Annie is a senior and a co-editor-in-chief for the MC Sun. Her hobbies include dodging questions about her future, driving on an empty tank of gas, and forcing people to look at pictures of her dogs.

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