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Jane the Virgin is an upcoming comedy-drama TV series on The CW. The pilot airs Oct. 13 starring Gina Rodriguez (Jane Villaunueva) and Justin Baldoni (Rafael). The new show is set in Miami where Jane Vilaunueva is a hard-working religious Latina woman who has vowed to remain a virgin until marriage. Things go awry when she is mistakenly, artificially inseminated during a checkup with her gynecologist.
To top off the drama, the biological donor is a married man, former playboy and cancer survivor, Rafael. Oh, and he happens to be her boss and former teenage crush.
The show originated on Venezuelan telenovela as Juana la Virgen created by Perla Farias. The new version is in English and is to air on The CW.
Judging by the trailer, the show looks terrible. The drama doesn’t make a lot of sense. The reality of a gynecologist accidently inseminating a virgin would result in an array of lawsuits, so it’s hard to take the show seriously. The show is probably going to highlight family unity and loyalty.
If done correctly, the show does have the potential to overcome telenovela cheesiness. Either way, it definitely won’t be a hit or be around for long.
This might be a premature estimation, but I judge this show will make it one season, then it’ll go away forever and no one will miss it. The acting is adequate, but with such a poor plot not much can be expected from the cast.
Overall, of all the new fall shows coming out, don’t save your time for Jane the Virgin. You will be bored and sorely disappointed. jane-the-virgin-key-art

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