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“My Everything” x Ariana Grande review

The pop world’s newest good girl, Ariana Grande released her sophomore album, My Everything Aug. 22. The Victorious star’s first album, Yours Truly was a hit amongst critics and instantly created a strong fan base.
The album features guest artists such as, Big Sean, A$AP Ferg, Childish Gambino, Iggy Azealea, The Weeknd, and Zedd. The fact that a brand new artist was able to secure such high profile artists on only her second album is something to be recognized.
My Everything is a lot similar to Yours Truly, so it’s no surprise that this album is doing as well as her first. Obviously, Grande is a vocalist and is somewhat able to perform to any standard that a pop artist would be able, but the only question left is: does she have range? Grande has a distinct sound and theme to her, but is she going to be another pop cliché?
As for those wrongfully accusing her of being a mini-Mariah Carey, they could not be any more wrong. Carey not only had the voice but she had the sex appeal and ability to perform, which Grande lacks. The poor girl doesn’t know how to dance and although she’s cute, she isn’t that much to look at. In the mainstream pop world, the ability to entertain is just as important as your voice.
One of the most commendable tracks on her album is oddly, her intro. On any other album the intro is the first track to be skipped over and forgotten, but the fact she eases into the album with a slow track full of beautiful harmonizing is different than any other pop album.
There are several standout tracks on this album, including “Best Mistake” featuring Big Sean, which is another typical slow break up song, but it’s done in her own Ariana way.
“Be My Baby” is more of a dance track that Grande got a little sassier on. The attitude in her voice is appealing and it’s a nice break from her typical hyper feminine, good-girl sound.
Lastly, “Break Your Heart Right Back” is another sassy song that any teenage girl would be caught dancing to in her room.
Overall, the album pretty good. There’s a nice mix of ballads and dance songs and she’s definitely proven that she is more than just another Nickelodeon star trying their hand at music.

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