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Behind the Menu: Chipotle Secrets Revealed

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It all started with an old ice cream parlor.

16 years and 900 restaurants later, one would never guess that this was the start of the very popular, Chipotle food chain.

Guided by the ideas of fresh and ethical food sources at a quick price, all of the Chipotle restaurants serve only locally grown ingredients and naturally raised beef, chicken, and pork.

Steve Ells, the CEO and founder of Chipotle, was said to be crazy when he moved back to his home town of Colorado to open a burrito joint in an old Dolly Madison creamery location, leaving his job in an established restaurant behind.

In 1993, Ells opened the first Chipotle followed by the next two in 1995 because of the huge amount of success and demand for more burritos.

There is a rumor that McDonalds is the secret owner of Chipotle, but that is far from the truth.

McDonalds was once an investor in Chipotle, but their divestment or withdrawal in 2006 lead to the company going public on the New York Stock Exchange the same year.

It seemed that even though the odds were stacked against Ells and his dream, his simplistic idea caught fire in an explosion of much loved locations.

Ells made sure that his company was natural in more ways than one after he learned about how most livestock in the US are raised and slaughtered. He didn’t want his restaurant to contribute to the continuation of the immoral standard in meat production facilities.

His locally sourced produce, organic meat and 100% recycled material napkins are just a few ways that Ells has improved his restaurants since 1993.

With such organic ingredients, the Chipotle restaurants are able to create flavorful combinations of traditional Mexican dishes with just enough new-style twist.

The options are endless because the food is made right in front of hungry costumers, allowing them to choose what they want and don’t want in their dish.

Some of the more popular items aren’t even listed on the menu. Special add-ins, techniques, and hidden ingredients can be found on the secret menu.

Some of the secrets are more easily ordered than others. The quesarito and burritodilla are both a mix of burrito fillings and massive amounts of melted cheese. The quesarito consists of burrito fillings wrapped in a quesadilla instead of a regular tortilla. The burritodilla is the more diet friendly substitute because it is a quesadilla with half the amount of burrito toppings inside.

Other secret options include nachos, taco salad, fajitas veggies, and fresh cilantro.

All of Chipotle’s food options, including the secret menu follow the Food with Integrity campaign that Chipotle is striving for.

They support family farms by buying from local sites that respect the animals and plants that they care for.They also try to use meat that has been raised without any hormones or antibiotics.

Not only does Chipotle care about its animals but also its employees by always providing opportunities for advancement and even offering English classes to those who request them. Overall Chipotle makes sure that not one worker is exploited in the making of their delicious cuisine.

Whether you are on the supply or demand side of the Chipotle equation, it is obvious that Ells and the Chipotle team are dedicated to being an honorable company serving the best possible food to their many hungry fans.


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