Instant gratification: after school go-to snacks

You get home after a long day of school, stomach growling louder than an air horn. Even though you just had lunch two hours ago, it felt like an eternity had passed since then. With all the homework and upcoming tests contributing to an overwhelming feeling of hunger and exhaustion, there’s only one quick fix. The solution to most problems in the world, especially this one, is food. And not just any food, but quick go-to snacks that have just the right amount of extra sugar, fat, and salt.

There are the automatic grabs including chips, ice-cream, chocolate, candy, Oreos, cereal, leftover pizza- the list can go on forever. However, the best go-to snacks take a bit more creativity and innovation.

If you’re craving something sweet and salty, the perfect snack is Nutella and peanut butter. This tastes best straight about of the jar, and mixing them together creates a heavenly duo.

Cookie in a Cup

Courtesy of tumblr and Pinterest, a one minute microwavable snack is cookies or brownies in a cup. To make this, all you need is butter, sugar, flour, salt and an egg yolk. For a simple sugar cookie, combine all the ingredients and microwave for around 50 seconds, and the result is a delicious cookie in a cup. If you want to kick it up a notch, the possibilities for different types of cookies are endless- you can add additional ingredients to your heart’s desire, including chocolate chips, cocoa powder, M&Ms, and cinnamon.

For those who want a hot snack, instant noodles, such as Ramen or Cup of Noodles are an obvious choice. Another easy one is grilled cheese or nachos, as all you need is cheese and bread or chips.

These quick snacks, among many others, are beloved and frequently consumed by high school students. Despite the fact that they’re basically all junk food, the important thing is after devouring these delicious sugary, salty, and fatty goods. We’re satisfied and fueled after a long day at school.

Written by Michelle Lin

Michelle Lin is currently a senior at Mt. Carmel High School. She is a staff writer and the Business Manager for the MC SUN. Michelle enjoys eating, napping and shopping at Trader Joes.

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