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Behind “Fiddler on the Roof”

Each year from February to April, the drama department works countless hours to produce the annual spring musical.  This year’s musical was “Fiddler on the Roof”, which takes place in Anatevka, Russia in 1905.  It focuses on poor Jewish man Tevye and his family as they struggle to choose between age-old traditions and the new values and ideas of the 20th century.

The cast has prepared for about three months, and has worked incredibly hard.

Sophomore Haley Messervey, who is a walk-on role, states that one of the most tiring aspects of the musical are “[the] 9 o’clock rehearsals.”

However, along with the obstacles and challenges that come with producing the musical, the students are optimistic and note the rewarding aspects of participating.

Messervey, who is also part of the costume crew, finds that the end result of everyone’s hard work is the true payoff.

“It’s really rewarding when a whole bunch of people come to see the show, and the actors are up on stage and everything is going good,” Messervey said.  “When we just give the audience an amazing show, I think that’s what makes it worth it.  It feels really good to accomplish something so amazing like that.”

Senior Alika Hubbert, who plays the main character Tevye, expresses his passion for performing and getting into character.

“I find that theater allows me to become someone else,” Hubbert said. “It lets me become more than who I am.”

In addition to this, Hubbert mentions that the cast and crew have been excellent.

“We have a wonderful cast!  I love them, I have the best family I could ask for,” Hubbert said. “All the other actors are great, they work hard, and we have a great crew that works very hard for us and it’s great to work with everyone in this production.”

Sophomore Sierra Ferrugia, a member of the crew who specializes in lighting, also enjoys how the cast and crew are so close-knit.

“Everyone here treats each other like family,” Ferrugia said.  “We take care of each other and we thrive off of everyone’s energy.  We love everyone involved.  This was a great show, we all worked really hard for this. My favorite part was working with lighting designer Thai Tran. I really learned a lot from him and I appreciate everything he’s done for me.”

“Fiddler on the Roof” has been extremely successful this spring.  Some people, such as Messervey, even consider it one of the drama department’s best productions.

But if one thing is for sure, it’s that “Fiddler on the Roof” has been an entertaining production for everyone, whether they are part of the audience or part of the hard-working cast and crew who have made it all possible.

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