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Chloe Heinz

Chloe is a senior who loves people, poetry, avocados, and the color yellow. She plans on attending Cal Poly SLO in the fall, where she will study graphic communications.

These battle scars

In the words of irrelevant 2012 artist Lupe Fiasco, “These battle-scars don’t look like they’re fading”. Everyone has a scar, and a story to go along with it. Some are deeper than others, and leave more stark a mark after the wound has healed. These scars are what make us …

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Let’s Go, GMOs

You can almost feel the eyes burning into your back as you reach for a bunch of  conventionally-grown broccoli. The judgmental eyes belong to the self-proclaimed health nuts who pretentiously push carts full of organic kale and free-range eggs. The health trend of purchasing all organic has rooted itself in …

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Lion: A Film of Excellence

  Though it hit the theaters Nov. 25th, showtimes for Lion are still available due to its worldwide acclaim. Based on Saroo Brierley’s book, A Long Way Home, this true story  details the author’s miraculous life-long journey to find his mother. Saroo lived with his mother, older brother and little …

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These Skater Girls Kill It on the Ice

Every ice-skating rink has an unspoken pecking order, working from outside in. The rookies clutch the railing, stiffly inching along, as they gaze longingly out at the graceful skaters who make pirouettes look  effortless. Senior Kendall Garrett and junior Polina Guseva both know the hard work and dedication required to …

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Black Thanksgiving

After a wholesome evening of devouring potatoes and turkey and spending time with loved ones, many families include a  post-meal shopping excursion in their Thanksgiving night ritual. Though scoring early Black Friday deals might spell out family bonding for some, it comes at the cost of the Thursday night employees’ …

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