Rapid vaping increase leads to deaths

 Vape brands market their products as game-changers: a solution to cigarette addiction crafted by the very people who made the problem. When they first came out, vapes gave hope to millions of cigarette users who could not break their habit. However, as vaping becomes more widespread, statistics are showing vaping is actually harmful.

According to CNN, 450 people have been affected by severe lung diseases associated with vaping across 33 states and eight have died since August 23rd. Due to these recent developments, vapes are now a part of an ongoing investigation.

Locations of vaping deaths across the United States | Photo Courtesy of The Sun

“I’m extremely alarmed for the health and safety of Kansans who are using vaping products and urge them to stop until we can determine the cause of vaping related lung injuries and death,”  Dr. Lee Norman, secretary of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, said in an interview.

A surprising discovery the government made while investigating the dangers of vaping was a strong connection between chemical vitamin E present in candy-flavored vapes and lung disease.

“They are nearly pure vitamin E acetate oil,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a CNN interview.

This recent uncovering has only thinned the ice for teenagers as they are the most likely to purchase flavored vapes.

Different vape flavors | USA Today

According to NewsInHealth, a new survey found a significant increase in the number of American teens who tried vaping last year. The study suggests that vaping may be directly related to an increase in nicotine use for teens.

In addition, the claim that vapes help break addiction is unfounded.  The FDA stated in a warning letter that Juul has sold their products as “modified risk tobacco products,” without an appropriate FDA order in effect. 

With vapes being the newest drug on the market with severe side effects for both adults and teens, the White House is  trying to illegalize flavored vapes to deter underage vapers. In addition, many organizations are working to curb the vaping increase. Due to teens being a target for commercial vaping, schools are expanding their anti-drug programs, and businesses are taking the initiative as well.

For example, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the foundation run by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, announced the start of a new $160 program to curb e-cigarette use among young people in the United States.

The huge amount of  money invested in the vaping industry each year is an increasing trend which reflects vaping-related deaths. Until vapes are tested for the potential damage they can inflict,  remember nobody knows how many dangers live inside the millions of small, flavored vapes worldwide.

Written by Devina Tavathia

Devina Tavathia is a senior and Co-Editor in Chief for the MCSun. She is on the school's varsity track team and loves volunteering as a Science Olympiad coach at MBMS. In her free time she enjoys grooving to some Urban Choreography at StudioFx.

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