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Putting the best to the test

Every four years, the laziest loafers dedicate weeks  to lounging on the sofa as they cheer on their country’s fittest athletes, and this year, couch potatoes worldwide were more than impressed.

Rio 2016 witnessed Olympian after Olympian make history as they broke world records, achieved firsts, and indubitably made their countries proud.

For some participating countries, this past Olympics  was the season in which they finally topped charts in their events. Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory whose participants aren’t included with the U.S. team, made its own milestone when Olympian Monica Puig won her homeland its first ever gold medal by competing in tennis.

After its century-long absence from the Olympic games, the golfing event saw a first that produced international astoundment. British athlete Justin Rose earned his country a well-deserved gold medal when he shot the first hole-in-one in Olympic history.

Patriotic Americans were satisfied with the season after seeing both familiar and new Olympians win the U.S. a historical count of 121 medals in Rio. Three of those medals were proudly won when three female hurdlers swept the 110 meter hurdles, causing an uproar of hurrahs. Though the 2016 games saw the last of  internationally loved athletes like Michael Phelps and  Usain Bolt, newly  competing Olympians  were warmly welcomed at their first events. Ibtihaj Muhammad, the first U.S. athlete to compete in the games wearing a hijab, was cordially congratulated when she took home a bronze in fencing. Simone Biles, another new face in Rio 2016, triggered echoes of acclamation when she took home five well-earned medals in gymnastics, four of them gold.

From an experienced athlete to an amateur aspirant, the 2016 Olympic games have provided proof for everybody that anyone from anywhere is capable of doing anything.

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