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CW’s Batwoman Raises Controversy

The CW recently announced that they’re adding the wealthy heiress, Batwoman, to their “Arrowverse.”  The first look trailer, released in May of 2019, has racked up six million views in three months. Though that may seem impressive, just one look at the number of dislikes will certainly dismiss such praise. …

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Black Mirror: Season 4

The end of a tumultuous year was heralded by the equally twisted and entertaining premiere of the fourth season of Black Mirror. “Black Mirror” is a British Netflix production revolving around the sci-fi twist of technology in the alternative present or future, and each episode contains an intense brain squeezer. …

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Children’s shows: Sexism at its finest

It has happened again. You are disappointed, yet not surprised. Another cartoon with a compelling story arc and beautiful characters has been canceled. Many shows aimed at boys have been canceled or treated less fairly than others over the past few years. For example, Legend of Korra, a show with …

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Shadowhunters Return

The shadowhunters are back! First starting out in a best-selling novel, then making their appearance in a riveting live action film, the shadowhunters are returning on a new TV series. “Shadowhunters” premiered on Jan. 12 on Freeform (previously known as ABC Family). Shadowhunters come from a world where it is …

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[Insert here] Junior

How far will television networks go just to gain a profit? It appears as though every popular reality show is creating a spin off featuring children; adult shows now have little value unless there is a junior version to partner it. One such show is “Masterchef Junior,” which features children …

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