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Atom Land Makes Physics Accessible to all

By using lengthy equations to describe phenomena like star implosions and cosmological expansion, physics describes the way in which the universe functions. Such laws and theories are developed through a long process of difficult calculations, often in the manner of trial and error. The whirlwind of numbers and free body …

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Hollywood is in a Remake Stage

Once in a while, the entertainment industry creates a masterpiece, a classic for the ages. Such successful developments include the Harry Potter franchise, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and arguably every Disney princess movie ever made. The fandoms grow strong, and the pockets of the industry grow full; it’s a …

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Liberté Pour Qui: France’s Destructive Systemic Islamaphobia and Xenophobia

Before European colonialism reached the continent, African civilizations were vastly diverse and had individualistic identities with thriving economies and education systems, such as the prosperous Swahili trade empire. All this changed when European powers began their infamous African land grab. Colonialism was glorified and the colonized were seen as uncivilized …

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How to do Individualism the Right Way

In a world run by politicians and their motives, the citizens must have a developed view of the world around them. Most advertise political awareness to adults, but minors have a lot to say and learn about the way in which they are governed.  It is important for everyone, especially …

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Isreal-UAE Treaty Leaves Palestinians Distressed

In a recent treaty, Israel got another middle eastern country under its belt. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) normalized Israel as a legitimate country, in return for the postponement of Israeli annexation of Palestinian land.  Prior to the Israeli-UAE treaty, Israel attempted to annex Palestinian land along the Jordanian River. …

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