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The mystery of Mr. E

Mr. E is not what he seems. Though most students know him as Engebrits, our special investigations team has finally discovered his true identity—Mr. Anglebrackets. Cunningly, Anglebrackets entered MC as a math teacher to avoid suspicion of his ulterior objective: recruiting an elite group of high school hackers. From the …

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Ethnic clashes in Myanmar

With a growing  population of over 53 million, Myanmar is the 26th largest nation in the world. Recently, that number dropped by thousands and continues to fall each day. Located south of China, Myanmar (also known as Burma) holds claim to a diverse group of ethnicities, but not all of …

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Copyright is no monkey business

Nearly everyone would agree a photographer deserves the copyright to a picture they take , but issues arise when that “person” is a monkey. Commissioned by a nature conservationist group, wildlife photographer David Slater traveled to Sulawesi, Indonesia in 2008 to bring recognition to the crested black macaque, a critically …

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A remedy for the dangers of the eclipse

The following article is meant only as satire. We do not advise anything in the article. See a professional for any serious problems. Maybe staring directly at the sun wasn’t the brightest idea. While seeing an eclipse is a special event, you did not need severly damage your eyes to …

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