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Mount Carmel’s Gender Neutral Bathroom

The newest addition to our MC campus didn’t come with a big announcement. In fact, many people are still unaware anything is different. The often overlooked door has now become our highly talked about gender neutral bathroom. Those who did hear about the news began to search the campus for …

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Women empowered

Lauren Thatcher Ulrich got it right when she said “well behaved women seldom make history”, but what she failed to mention was how hard it is for women to break through society’s barriers. Society is the king (or queen) of mixed signals. On one hand, it is expected of women …

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“Where are you from?” I reply, “San Diego.” This time, the asker has a slight lilt in his tone. He asks, “No, but where are you from?” At this point, I understand what he implies – that I am not from America but rather an immigrant from Asia. I respond, …

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LGBT+ teens cannot be fixed, stop trying

Often referred to as “praying away the gay,” conversion therapy, or reparative therapy, is the practice of attempting to convert LGBT+ teens into heterosexuals. There is no scientific proof to conversion therapy, it’s just a result of bigoted and frequently religion-fueled homophobes. In 2001, the Surgeon General issued a report …

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S.A.G.E at MC

One of the newest additions to MC’s club repertoire is S.A.G.E, or Student Advocates for Gender Equality. Founded by Anthony la Scala and Casey Castle, it has set out to leave a lasting mark on the student body. “We want to stop sexism within the school and discrimination towards people …

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