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The Impact of LGBTQ+ Cartoon Representation

In today’s entertainment, queer representation often drags a flood of controversy alongside it – often due to the backlash it faces from homophobic individuals. Despite this setback, however, television programs continue expanding their outreach to queer children at home. The Loud House, Gravity Falls, and The Legend of Korra are …

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Freedom at Risk in South Dakota

Young trans boys and girls living in the state of South Dakota faced the idea of having to legally identify as someone they don’t believe to be. This idea was proposed in order to protect these children from an irreparable future impact that they currently cannot understand.  HB 1057 was …

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LGBT+ teens cannot be fixed, stop trying

Often referred to as “praying away the gay,” conversion therapy, or reparative therapy, is the practice of attempting to convert LGBT+ teens into heterosexuals. There is no scientific proof to conversion therapy, it’s just a result of bigoted and frequently religion-fueled homophobes. In 2001, the Surgeon General issued a report …

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