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The DNC’s Newest Darling

On February 29th, following his win in South Carolina, former Vice President Joe Biden solidified himself as the Democratic establishment’s darling candidate for the 2020 nomination.  In the run-up to South Carolina, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) flirted with other moderate options beyond the seemingly senile Mr. Biden. They looked …

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Sundevil Seniors Shine On

With four wins this trimester, the MC Girls Water Polo team has finally wrapped up their season. For the six seniors on the team, this was their last time to share the pool with their Water Polo family, and the moment  was bittersweet. “The last game was very emotional. Some …

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Nancy Making Moves

Nancy Pelosi has been credited with single handedly crushing the Republican establishment when she chose to rip up President Trump’s State of the Union address. Pelosi has consistently been vocal of her distaste for the Trump Administration, but this action has topped the rest. Pelosi tore the speech up in …

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Continued Turmoil In Syria

On October 6th, President Trump ordered American troops to pull out of Syria beginning a chain reaction of events that has created yet another vacuum in the Middle East.  Immediately following this decision, the neighboring country of Turkey invaded Syria to essentially dispose of the Kurds, a Middle Eastern ethnic …

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Essential Oils Create World Peace

In this positively shocking turn of events, Young Doterra, an essential oil company that’s been embracing wellness since 1993, has just declared that they’ve officially ended world hunger, catalyzed world peace, and prevented all known diseases from being contracted. The declaration came from Young Doterra CEO Martha Old after their …

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Pet Cloning Pro: Nature Permits

Since Dolly the cloned sheep’s 1996 debut to the world, the practice of animal cloning has become increasingly popular, although still largely unregulated, as scientists look to find ways to replicate the living.  Cloning appears to be something straight out of Jurassic Park. There are essentially two sides to the argument. …

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