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Can Wormholes Host Massive Objects?

According to Einstein’s general relativity, massive objects bend the fabric of spacetime, manipulating the gravitational force around them. Black holes are notorious for being so massive that they bend spacetime onto themselves, creating a gravitational pull so strong that not even light (the fastest moving thing in the universe) can …

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Cosmic Cannibalism: Spider Stars

With a tendency to devour their husbands, Red-backs and Black Widow spiders are notorious for their turbulent and violent love. Astronomers have spotted similar behavior in the cosmos amongst binary systems, or two stars gravitationally bound in orbit around a central mass, containing rapidly spinning neutron stars, also known as …

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Modern Day Marie Curie

Black holes; one of the least understood phenomena in physics. Their convoluted existence makes it so that every bit of newfound black hole research is immensely valuable.  Ever since Einstein’s theory of relativity predicted black holes in 1905, scientists have been developing mathematical functions and formulas to try and explain …

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