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Atom Land Makes Physics Accessible to all

By using lengthy equations to describe phenomena like star implosions and cosmological expansion, physics describes the way in which the universe functions. Such laws and theories are developed through a long process of difficult calculations, often in the manner of trial and error. The whirlwind of numbers and free body …

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Perseverance’s Misson on Mars

On Thursday, Feb. 18, NASA’s Mars Perseverance rover finally landed on the face of Mars. For many years, the “Red Planet” has been considered a possible location for future generations to inhabit. The newly landed rover sets a precedent for collecting further scientific knowledge of this interesting planet.  The rover, …

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The Return of Pluto

For years, rumor of the existence of a “ninth planet” has orbited around the Astronomical centers of the world. Scientists have gone back and forth debating whether or not this hearsay was true until February 2021, when astronomers found compelling evidence to indicate its existence. Many believe this newly discovered …

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Modern Day Marie Curie

Black holes; one of the least understood phenomena in physics. Their convoluted existence makes it so that every bit of newfound black hole research is immensely valuable.  Ever since Einstein’s theory of relativity predicted black holes in 1905, scientists have been developing mathematical functions and formulas to try and explain …

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