Welcome to 2021… Basically 2020 with a 1

Pushing away 2020 | Photo Courtesy of Kiplinger

2020 has definitely been a year of chaos, loss, confusion, and uncertainty. Now that we are in 2021, it honestly seems like nothing has changed. Just the 0 in 2020 turning into a 1 for 2021. Oh and also a new president in office.

Two months in to 2021, many citizens of the U.S. are frustrated and confused as to why nothing has changed, even with a new Commander-in-Chief in office. Lolli Pop, Human Resources director of a private company, feels being in 2021 is no different than living in 2020. 

“Wait so you’re telling me that Biden and the new president are the same person? I didn’t even know we had a new president in office. To be honest I did not even know we had a president at all,” Pop said. “Why? Because it seems like whatever is done to keep COVID-19 under control does not work. It breaks out of its restraints just like how Biden is trying to break down Trumps wall.”

President Biden Who?| Photo Courtesy of Fast Web

 Riley Ding-Dong, Pop’s co-worker, has agreed with what Pop had to say and thinks that the president is not doing enough to rid us of the virus.

 “ I always thought that the president is supposed to fight off any threats that would harm his country. Like when Trump was taken hostage by COVID-19 but managed to escape its clutches and fight it off. He even took his mask off in front of everyone to show he was okay,” Ding-Dong said. “I mean I guess  we know why Biden seems to be focusing on the wall and immigration laws and not COVID-19.  Its obvious, he’s just too old to fight it off like Trump did. I mean, seriously there should be an age limit or something to be in office.”

Many are confused as to how COVID-19 is still here with us in 2021 and why  it is still something we need to be distancing ourselves from.

“ My New Year’s Resolution was to cut out all things that are toxic in my life. Once I counted down to one on New Year’s Eve, everything that was toxic and no good for us was supposed to stay in 2020, “ Gus Browning, a positive energy guru said. “  I even made a concoction full of positive energy and optimism so I could throw it in the air right before we entered into 2021 to get rid of the virus. I was thinking positive thoughts all week so it would work. So how the heck did COVID follow us into 2021? “

Many people are now going out in public without a mask. Maybe the T.C.I.G.B.I.R.N. effect is finally starting to take place. You know the Thinking Covid Is Gone But Its Really Not. Because of this effect and change in year, many believe that it is now safe to not wear a mask. Because hospitals have been working to get people immune… I mean vaccinated, masks are now something that are #irrelelvant, like how people refer to 2020 these days.

“ I mean I got vaccinated, so obviously I am now immune. I even got both! Pfizer in my left arm and Moderna in my right arm. I mean it has been a rough couple weeks because of the side effects, like fevers, fatigue and runny nose, but now COVID-19 is no match for me.” Karen Smith said (yes, that Karen).

COVID-19 Vaccination| Photo Courtesy of Cohen Medical Associates

Many events and extracurriculars are still being put on pause until the restrictions are lifted and we move into a different tier. 

“I miss playing volleyball and actually being able to breathe during practice without having to worry about an asthma attack. Like are they trying to kill us?” Cindy Spike, a volleyball player said. “I had so much hope going into 2021, now all I hope for is getting through practice without using my inhaler.”

Meanwhile, High School students have been feeling really isolated and have not seen their friends for a year. Many are also struggling with online school.

“They said three weeks out of school so the virus could die down. That turned into a whole year and I swear nothing has changed. I think we need Newsom to be a new someone in the governor’s chair.” Kylie Solo, a highschool student said. “ I never thought I would say this, but I even miss the cafeteria food. If I eat one more frozen dinner that is heated up in the microwave or watch one more Korean drama on Netflix, I think it might be the end of me.”

Scientist and theorologist Ray Star has been doing extensive research and thinks his new theory might be the breakthrough we needed to rid us of the virus. 

“ I noticed a certain pattern COVID-19 seemed to follow. The virus started to get more infectious when the BLM protests started to become more serious. I think climate change might have something to do with it and the virus being airborne, too. My theory is I think that COVID-19 grows when the world breeds more problems,” Star said. “ So all we have to do is solve all of the world’s problems. For example, world hunger, climate change, racism, and making peace everywhere. It’s simple really, once all of those problems are solved COVID- 19 is surely to disappear, too.”

Overall 2021 does not seem any different from the past year. Maybe except for being able to pick up food from the actual restaurant instead of just having it delivered. I guess that could be taken as a sign of progress.  It seems as if we are still stuck in 2020 and are all waiting for something miraculous to happen so everything goes back to the way it was when it was 2019 B.C., you know Before COVID-19. Who knows when the pandemic will be over? My bet is once world peace is achieved, maybe then we will be rid of COVID-19.

Written by Kamara White

Junior, Kamara White, is the sports section editor for staff this year. She enjoys eating food, listening to music, watching Netflix, and sleeping. She plays club volleyball at WAVE and is on Varsity for MC.

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