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If you thought the requirements for getting into college were hard before, just wait until you see them now. A-G requirements have been thrown out the window for new ones.

In a recent press conference from UC President Janet Napolitano,  UC hopefuls were informed that they would have to take their applications to the next level.

“The board and I have produced a list of new requirements for students who wish to apply to schools in the UC system. It is imperative that any applicant to any UC school meet these expectations to even be considered for entry in one of our schools,” Napolitano said

Take five AP classes. It’s important that colleges know that you’re willing to annihilate your mental sanity for the chance to get into college.

Play a varsity sport for all three trimesters. It’s crucial that colleges see you’re involved and part of a team. And how else are you going to get your scholarship? Academics?

Be able to cook a six course meal. Living on your own is scary, so being self sufficient is important.

Be a fighter jet pilot. Transportation via jet is the only suitable mode, and managing the control panel will help you manage your life.

Invent some product that could only succeed in today’s capitalist society. Take advantage of your environment!

Climb to the top of Mt. Everest. Colleges want students that are interesting and will add to the daily campus life.

Travel to a third world country, feed the poor and build houses to shelter them. Being a cultured and well traveled student who is also a good philanthropist adds greatly to your application.

Lastly, you must win the Nobel Peace Prize. Colleges want to see students that are accomplished. Just being class valedictorian means nothing.

Best of luck Sundevils!

Written by Tiffany Luu

Tiffany is a senior staff writer and the MC SUN's Photo Editor. In the spring, she can be found on the diving board, diving varsity for Mt. Carmel, where she was graciously named "Most Likely to Have No Idea What's Going On." Her favorite hobby is collecting stickers, which she has allowed to overpopulate most of her belongings. Additionally, Tiffany enjoys snowboarding, art history, and Grey's Anatomy.

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