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Shocking discovery raises questions: corpse removed from MC campus

Joe Gonzalez| Photographer
Joe Gonzalez| Photographer

*The following story is in no way truthful, all articles posted under the Sunburn are merely parodical or satirical

“Our thoughts go out to the Chavez family, and we hope them the best while they weather this challenging obstacle in their lives,” PUSD superintendent Jane P. Collins said.

On Monday, the body of 23 year old Rodney Chavez was discovered and  removed from the MC campus.

“Last week I remember smelling something awful when I passed by the M building,” sophomore Jimmy Myers said. “For over a week I would finish AP studio art and be immediately greeted with a heavy stench.”

Many other MC students and staff have attested to this foul stench that had once wafted in the general vicinity of the M building.

“We found his body badly decomposed in a storage unit outside the classroom of Kristine Adams,” police officer Jaron Kilson said.

While Adams has been ruled out as a possible suspect in this ongoing homicide investigation, the SDPD has declined to provide further names of possible suspects.

“It’s just too soon. There are still many tests we have yet to conduct and among those is a full body autopsy,” Kilson said.

Chavez was a Poway High School graduate and had moved to San Diego in the middle of Sophomore year. His mom explains the feelings that run through her head.

“He was a great boy. He was so full of life and always made me smile. He was too young,” mother Karla Chavez said. “I hope whoever did this is caught. No one deserves the pain I currently feel.”

The MC SUN will keep readers posted on the latest in this homicide case.

“We are doing our best to handle the situation. We ask everyone to remain calm and leave the Chavez family some space while they mourn,” Kilson said.

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