Scotland yard without Scotland

Scotland held its referendunew-scotland-yardm for independence from the United Kingdom on September 18, 2014 and voted to remain a part of the United Kingdom.
During the weeks leading up to the vote, England campaigned to have Scotland remain a part of the United Kingdom. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of England, was extremely worried about the ridicule London would face if Scotland was no longer a part of the union of the British Isles.
“It would be completely inappropriate for London to have a metropolitan police force referred to as Scotland Yard if Scotland were to declare independence from the United Kingdom,” Cameron said.
Cameron continued to explain his worry of Scotland becoming its own country as the new state could sue the city of London.
“According to English law, the state must gain approval to use the name of another country in a state owned entity, and without such approval would be subject to civil legal action from the state the name is taken from,” Cameron said.
In simple words, London could not have used Scotland in the name of their metropolitan police department without the threat of legal action from Scotland.
Alastair Samson, police chief of London’s Scotland Yard, explained his worry of the detrimental effects an independent Scotland would have had on London’s police force.
“We have a strong sense of unity within our ranks in Scotland Yard and have a substantial number of Scots on our force,” Samson said. “Scottish independence would have created a schism within our ranks and the embarrassment the department would face would have been difficult to overcome.”
British citizens were extremely grateful for Scottish residents choosing to remain a part of the United Kingdom.
John Amnest, an owner of a small bakery near Scotland Yard’s headquarters, explained the atmosphere that has returned to his shop.
“During the weeks leading up to the day of the Scottish referendum, there was a silent but obviously strong discomfort during officers’ morning run,” Amnest said. “After the vote revealed the results of Scotland choosing to stay with the UK, the unspoken tension of officers rushing past each other seemed to dissipate.”
Scotland Yard and the rest of England are ready to move forward with their lives and are in the midst of a healing phase.
Queen Elizabeth expressed her thoughts on Monday Sept. 22, 2014.
“I am exuberant about the choice Scotland has made and look forward to strengthening our country’s bonds as London’s police department continues to grow.”

Written by Vivek Monteiro

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