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The haunting of the k-building

Photo Illustration by Joe Gonzalez
Photo Illustration by Joe Gonzalez

Word on the street is that there are some freaky things going on in the K-building’s girls bathroom. Sophomore Shelby Davidson disclosed the horror she experienced about a week ago due to the obvious possession of the K building girls restroom by an unwelcome ghoul.

“Recently, I was taking a leisurely stroll through the halls when my peace was disrupted by a non-human scream,” Davidson said. “Of course, I sprinted Usain Bolt style to the office to alert [principal] Greg Mango, but he said that he had already called Ghostbusters and not to worry.”

So far, a total of eight girls were declared missing over the last two weeks and were last seen walking into the K building bathrooms. Junior Steve Stevenson elaborates on the horror of the disappearances.

“These girls deserve to do their business without being tormented by ghosts,” Stevenson said. “Administration needs to take immediate action and close the K bathroom forever.”

Not only has the ghost been tormenting students, but disrupting classrooms as well. Students report to hearing ghostly renditions of Beyoncé songs and loud wailing during their classes throughout the day.

Yesterday, principal Mango decided to close the K building restroom until further notice. Mango has placed two security guards in front of the restroom armed with water guns filled with holy water to keep curious students away. If a student gets within a five-foot radius of the doors, the guards have permission to soak him or her.

Hopefully, the precautions taken against the haunting will keep students safe for the time being. It is advised in time of nature’s calling to steer clear of the K building bathroom.


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