Dorr and Bird Soar with Salsa


As Martha Graham once said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul”. The art of dance is a passion shared by many around the world, including those in the MC dance troupe.

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Every year, the dance troupe holds a “Dance Troupe Spring Dance Concert” in Poway’s Performing Arts Center, and that event is approaching. Like always, there will be a staff dance that precedes the dance troupe at the show.  Teacher Patsy Malta has been searching the campus for staff dancers, but finding sufficient staff seems to be a problem.

PE teacher Mark Green was willing to participate this year in his favorite leotards, but due to two teachers’ domination on the floor Green decided to attend but not dance.

Many teachers on campus are refusing to participate for similar reasons.

“I know I’ll look stupid if I decide to participate. Everyone knows that Harold and Mike will steal the show,” teacher Lee Raskin said.

For a number of years now, teacher Harold Dorr, and teacher Mike Bird have been dominating the show. The power couple plans to perform a swift-moving Salsa this year.

“I love working with Harold,” Bird said. “You can see his passion in his moves. He is absolutely stunning to watch. His hips sway as if they were the ocean.”

Dorr has mutual feelings toward Bird.

“He really is like a bird himself. He tosses me in the air is if I were weightless. I really look up to him.”

Bird has been trained in both the male and female roles in the dance. “This really gives us an advantage,” Dorr said.

Both Bird and Dorr have had years of experience in dance. Dorr specializes in contemporary ballet, while Bird has a passion for hip-hop.

“While volleyball will always be a passion of mine, dance is like a friend that speaks to me. It speaks to my soul,” Bird said.

Their routine has brought mixed reactions throughout campus.

“Their dance is tough. If they can pull off the shimmies and the spins without any mistakes, it’ll be a dance to remember. Salsa is very tough,” teacher Scott Currie said.

The anticipation is spreading across the campus. The MC dance troupe invites you to attend on June 5th-6th at 7:00pm in the Performing Arts Center. Will Dorr and Bird rain supreme again? Come find out.

Written by Steven Hong

Steven is now a senior at MC, and Co-Editor-In-Chief of the MC Sun. He enjoys playing volleyball and has been playing it for a number of years now. Besides volleyball, Steven enjoys to eat in his free time. He loves Italian food, Hot Cheetos, and anything that's high in sodium.

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