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Girls’ Volleyball Plays with HEART


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A strong passing platform might generate a victory, but an admirable sense of sportsmanship is what guarantees success.

On Wednesday, MC girls’ volleyball demonstrated their Sundevil spirit when they won 3-2 in a close game against San Marcos.

With the score constantly fluctuating between opposing teams, the varsity Sundevils seemed to have met their match.

“I think our team was definitely challenged by San Marcos, but we were able to overcome [the] challenge and win,” senior Kelsey McDonough said. “The girls on the court worked together and [didn’t] give up, even when it looked like we would lose.”

Building up motivation by encouraging each other after every point is something the varsity team has mastered. Teammates were seen constantly giving each other reassuring high-fives and motivating words after every point they won or lost.

Even at the times when their opponent surpassed them by six or seven points, MC girls still never failed to exert their best effort on the court and retain a positive attitude.

“If you can’t motivate yourself, you motivate the person next to you,” senior Isabelle Martinez said. “Without that energy and encouragement, there is no spark and the game dies.”

Varsity members who have played for MC since freshmen year adopted their Sundevil spirit from older girls and now feel the obligation to continue modeling that sportsmanship for younger players.

“I think our varsity team can show that anything is possible through hard work,” senior Erika Pater said. “Playing with H.E.A.R.T.–hard work, effort, accountability, resilience, and trust–is a new motto for [us] this year. And I hope being a senior, I can exemplify those characteristics and pass it down like it was done for me.”

As the volleyball season carries on, these diligent MC athletes will show their opponents what it truly means to play according to the Sundevil way.

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