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Will sport programs last?

download (1)For some MC sports teams this year, money has been a setback. In particular, the girls lacrosse team is doing what they can to fundraise the much needed cash to ensure the teams will be competing again next year.

“We are a self funded team,” freshman Lindsey Shephard of the JV lacrosse team said. “We don’t [receive money] from the school.”

Teams generally spend time each day preparing for their next game, but this team has another problem.  Along with being a part of a competitive spring season, the girls lacrosse group is in a heated struggle for money.

“We are collecting bottles and cans, we did a Wings and Things fundraiser, and we’re having a movie night in the stadium,” Shephard said. “We are all working together for a main cause.”

There is a large group of girls involved in this sizable program, with money being spent on items deemed necessary for the teams’ success.

“We bought new uniforms this year for both teams,” senior Lisa Porter of the varsity lacrosse team said, “but we don’t receive money to begin with.” The issue may have began with expensive purchases made prior to the season.

Ambitious ways to raise money have sparked, which keeps the players motivated throughout fundraising projects.

“Recycling is a competition between JV and varsity,” Porter said. “It brings us closer because we have to work together.”

Each girl is in the same predicament as the rest of her team: it’s their sport that needs saving.

“If [girls lacrosse] was cut it would suck, but me and the team would probably try to get back together,” sophomore and JV player Ashleigh Witt said.

Girls lacrosse may not receive the attention from the school that other extracurriculars do.

“[The program] is overlooked because it’s not one of the more popular sports,” Witt said.

If the money needed isn’t raised in time, there is no saying what may happen to this program.

“Next year, we will have to cut certain games because we can’t pay for [referees],” Shephard said. “And we won’t get new uniforms for a long time.”

Although this problem has created a gap in the program’s order, everyone involved is working to close the empty space. In fact, the teams encourages the fact that the whole community has a chance to help.

“People can help the program by encouraging others to come watch our games,” Porter said. “We have a movie night coming up, as well.”

The girls lacrosse team, like every other sport, are out there on the field  because they love the game, and they will continue to work to save the teams future at MC.

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