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Swimming into the new season

Photo courtesy of Tiffany Luu
Tiffany Luu | Photographer

Spring has sprung, just like our amphibic sundevils off of sunsoaked diving blocks.  A new season may lead to many new challenges and opportunities, but the swim and dive team is ready to accomplish anything.

Last Friday was the team’s first away meet against Westview High School. The team competed to the best of their abilities in order to crush their rivals. Sophomore Mikaela Weber explains how the team felt about the upcoming meet.

“It’s our first and only away meet and I think our team is doing really well so far,” Weber said.

MC experienced a terrific win against Westview which Senior Michael Nathanson  elaborated on.

“The meet at Westview was awesome,” Nathanson said. “The guys team finally won and the girls team beat them by almost 75 points.”

Sophomore Greg King also elaborates on MC’s experience at Westview.

“Our team feels pretty good about that because Westview is our rival and they have some really great divers on their team.”

In order to crush the wolverines, the teams practiced long and hard in order to come out with a victory, and showed their school spirit on Friday.

“We did more difficult dives because with harder dives you get better scores,” King said. “We also painted our faces on Friday.”

Next week, MC’s swim and dive team is facing off Torrey Pines on Friday; they hope to demonstrate the same level of enthusiasm and skill at these next battles.


“We’ve been doing exceptionally well this so far. We have some new freshmen that are excelling very well.” King said.

With a few wins accomplished already this season, MC’s swim and dive team hopes the meet will be just like the previous meets. Best of luck to the swim and dive team, and just as Dory would say:, “just keep on swimming.”



About Meaghan Caskey

Meaghan Caskey is a freshman at MC and is known for making ugly faces and drinking way too many smoothies than a fifteen year old girl should consume. Meaghan competes nationally at Irish dancing and on the weekends can be found at the beach scuba diving, or hanging out with her four cats. She loves to travel and see new sights and hopes to move to Europe in the future.

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