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Softball slides into action

Chianne Mallari | Photographer
Chianne Mallari | Photographer

Softball is getting right back into their groove with their recent game against Torrey Pines. The game was a nail-biter and ended, to the dismay of the Sundevils, with a score of 7-6.

“The game against Torrey Pines was really close,” sophomore Alexis Cole said. “It was a really exciting match.”

According to Coach Brent Smith, the varsity team currently contains ten underclassmen and a handful of seasoned veterans.

“We have a pretty young team with lots of potential,” Coach Smith said. “While  losses are tough, if each player walks away with something to improve on, then that is progress.”

Softball was scheduled to have a game against Westview last Friday, but the game was cancelled.

“Our game against Westview was cancelled because the rain soaked the field,” sophomore Madeleine Smith said.

Smith believes that the game will be rescheduled to sometime in the coming  weeks and says that [the team] is excited to play their rivals.

“We’re more excited than nervous to play them, just because of the rivalry between the teams and it’s always a really fun game,” Smith said.

Despite the intense rivalry between the two teams, Smith is confident the team will pull through

“All these teams are beatable, we just have to believe we can do it,” Smith said.

Each game makes our softball team here at MC better, and the girls continue to keep their spirits up.

In the inspiring words of Coach Smith, “ If you challenge yourself, are willing to learn, and encourage your teammates, success will come”.

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