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As the lacrosse season has progressed, so has the number of goals, injuries, and wins. Every season comes with ups and downs, and the MC girl’s lax team recently reached a difficult point in the season, with a loss of 12-4 against Del Norte.

As a result of the ball being on the defensive side of the field the majority of the game, the attack did not receive opportunities to score.

“We had difficulty scoring because we could never get the ball down to offense,” sophomore Jenna Shepard said. “The ball was stuck on defense most of the game.”

Despite the loss, MC still shined in the area of teamwork and cooperating as a unit.

“We listened to each other and had meetings on the field,” sophomore defender Roberta Bagby said. “We kept our communication strong. and told each other who had each mark and said where the ball was.”

Games like this allow the team to see areas of their game that aren’t perfect.

“It went kind of poorly because we didn’t go to crash all together and we needed to do it faster,” Bagby said. “We can improve on sticking with our cutters and get ground balls, too.”

The team knows what needs to be fixed and has developed new goals that center around those areas.

“Our goals for next game are to have better ground balls and win the ball off draws,” Bagby said.

The team reads the game well and is good at anticipating plays. They plan to work on the execution of their passes in order to capitalize on their  ideas.

“Even though our passes weren’t connecting we had good ideas with them,” Shepard said. “When we did get the ball, we moved it around well.”

The MC girl’s lax team continues to make the most of every second even in their toughest games. They continued to play to the best of their ability and work as a team.

“We drove hard to the goal and kept fighting hard,” Bagby said. “It’s a team effort and as long as we improve on what we did wrong last time, then the game was successful.”

The team is ready to come together, improve their skills, and come back fighting harder than ever. With only a few games left in the season it’s time to make the most of the time they have, and determine the outcome of their 2015 season and legacy.

Written by Nicole Glidden

Nicole Glidden is a proud Cheez-It addict, who spends her free time binge watching Netflix. She has trouble getting into jeans, due to her soccer calves. Nicole hates running with a passion, yet participates in multiple sports.

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