Gymnastics: overcoming their hurdles

Chianne Mallari | Photographer
Chianne Mallari | Photographer
Chianne Mallari | Photographer
Chianne Mallari | Photographer

After countless hours of practice, many meets so far, and a team bond that helps the girls excel, MC’s gymnastics is ready to continue strong and go out with a flourish.

“We are working towards winning leagues, beating out our biggest competitors, SCC, and hopefully doing well in CIF’s,” senior Charmagne Enriquez said.

A returning varsity gymnast, Enriquez does both beam and vault events for the Sundevils.

“Vault is when you run down the runway and then you do a flip over the horse that is standing in front of you,” Enriquez said. “Beam is when you do a routine on a four-inch [wide]poll.”

Many students partake in these events along with a smattering of other routines and have been doing it for varying amounts of time.

“I compete in vault,” senior Micaela Belz said. “I used to do it when I was younger and I kind of stopped to do other sports. [I] just recently did gymnastics in my sophomore year and then continued in my junior and senior year.”

Regardless of which type of routines they do, the girls have all bonded as a flexible unit together.

“Being a part of the team is like being one big family,” Enriquez said. “We are always supporting each other and are always there for each other. I know that I can go to any of them for anything and I can trust them with everything.”

Belz feels similarly about the teams ambiance and family-like bond.

“I like the team atmosphere and how we are so close,” Belz said.

Together the girls use their individual strengths to compete and shine together, and creates an atmosphere where weaknesses are embarrassed and improved upon.

“We are a pretty strong team all around,” Enriquez said. “Our support for each other is the best thing that we have. We have many weaknesses, but we are working to overcome them and I know that we will by leagues and CIFs.”

Working hard to utilize their strengths and develop in their areas of weakness, the gymnastics team at MC prepares to excel for the remainder of the season.

Written by Tatum Tricarico

Tatum Tricarico is a staff member on the MC Sun and is the unofficial video editor assistant. She is having trouble writing this bio because her awesomeness is so overwhelming and could not possibly fit in such a small space!

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