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Carter Clatterbuck: So flippin’ good

Photo courtesy of Carter Clatterbuck
Photo courtesy of Carter Clatterbuck

It’s a well-known fact that balancing sports with school is no easy feat. This makes it all the more impressive that junior Carter Clatterbuck is a star gymnast and cheerleader on top of being a well-rounded student.

“I did club gymnastics when I was younger, and I quit due to a bunch of injuries,” Clatterbuck said. “And then I did cheer, and I fell in love with the sport again.”

Clatterbuck has been doing gymnastics for nearly nine years. On top of that, as a junior in high school when so much time is devoted to preparing for SATs, Clatterbuck manages to find another outlet with a cheerleading focus.

“It’s with a company named Varsity, and they kind of run all of high school and collegiate cheer across the country,” Clatterbuck said. “It’s an internship that I got based on my grades and my cheer experience and it’s a lot of fun.”

Of course, winning an opportunity like this internship took a lot of work on Clatterbuck’s part.

“I’ve always been a good student, and that’s always been something I pride myself in,” Clatterbuck said. “And I love cheer and gymnastics. I’ve had leadership positions in that, and that kind of enabled me to get the internship.”

Photo courtesy of Carter Clatterbuck
Photo courtesy of Carter Clatterbuck

In these leadership positions, Clatterbuck has also won awards at CIF’s for gymnastics and led both MC cheerleading and gymnastics to many more victories. Success like this raises the question: what next?

“I’m looking forward to this season,” Clatterbuck said. “I think, like any athlete, I want to do better than I did last season, individually and also as a team. I think we have a lot of good talent, and potential to have a great season.”

Clatterbuck’s experience with both sports and school also makes her a model for students who are still figuring out the ups and downs of MC.

“I would say just find something you love,” Clatterbuck said. “Join in. Go out on a limb and try something new, because it can turn out great.”

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