Boys Volleyball is Killing it

Chianne Mallari | Photographer
Chianne Mallari | Photographer

It’s that time of year again! Boys’ volleyball season has started and the early success the team has achieved foreshadows their potential to dominate hearts and scoreboards.
Out of the five matches played so far, MC has emerged victorious each time. Competing against Del Norte, Mission Hills, Ramona, San Pasqual, and Westview, MC has set a precedent of taking each match in the required minimum of three games.
Confidence radiates not just from the performances, but also from the optimistic attitude the players are putting forth.
“We’re looking pretty good this year,” senior setter Michael Keegan said. “We lost a couple players from last year but some guys have stepped up to fill those spots, so I think we’re going to be doing pretty well.”
Consisting of a majority of seniors, two juniors, and one sophomore, the team is a powerhouse full of experience and will prove to be a threat to opposing schools.
“I think we have what it takes to go all the way, we just have to work hard and play as a team,” senior Matt Vildibil said.
And this unit isn’t just here for the love of the game, they intend to do everything possible to win.
“I’m hoping that we make that open division and compete for our back-to-back CIF title,” Keegan said.
Although Coach Malta and Coach Gurt were abruptly removed from their coaching position after attending only two games, health and sports medicine teacher Christine Beadle and physics teacher Mike Bird have amply stepped in to conform to the position. Both armed with coaching backgrounds, the team is faithful in their ability to make an impactful contribution.
The team has demonstrated great resilience regarding this hiccup in the flow of their season and won’t allow it to deter them from reaching their goals.
“I think we can work with it, it’s not super serious,” senior Jordan Phan said. “We have good players, and all of us can step up and be leaders.”
Both the players and spectators can be expectant of many more wins to come this year.

Written by Chloe Heinz

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