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Stop, drop, and dodge. This dodgeball tournament is on fire!

Photo by Zac Solomon
Photo by Zac Solomon

Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge! The five rules of dodgeball said in the famous movie, Dodgeball.

Dodgeball this year was full on war. The competition was intense and the maches were heated. 12 teams fought in a 2 round elimination tournament.

Teams ranging from freshmem to seniors fought on a basketball court with six balls and three referees.The referees were Mr. Carvajal, Ms. Malta, and Mr. Bird. They made calls for people that are out and bickered with students who thought they were still “in.”

Starting out, there was an incredible turnout when the theatre team Below Average, came out victorious in their debut game.

Consecutively, team Ox dominated the court moving up in the ranks up against team Big Time.

Sadly Big Time suffered a major defeat and was put into the loser bracket soon after.

Sophomore team, Team Friendzone, had beaten the Finessers in their first game. Lots of action in the first game led to the next three days of jam-packed courts.

Tuesday, May 20 had many games that left many victors, as well as many losers.

Wednesday however was a day of defeat for many teams. Three teams were eliminated and sent home while the victors moved up in the ranks to further their chances at the championship trophy.

Thursday was another intense match where only four teams were going to be allowed into the final matches.

Four teams emerged victorious in the semifinals. The Finessers, Abusement Park, Team Ox, and Monsters Inc. Jr.

The finals were a huge turnout when the gym was filled to the brim with students to cheer one another on.

Photo by Zac Solomon
Photo by Zac Solomon

Finessers were first to be eliminated and then later Monsters Inc. Jr. The final game was announced to be Team Ox against Abusement park.

The final game was hyped and all ready to go. Abusement Park was one loss away from elimination while Team Ox was undefeated. Abusement Park comes victorious the first game and was ready for the next. Last match of year, Abusement Park and Team Ox ready to hold the trophy in hand.

Abusement park takes out two of players later catching a ball bringing in their own. Team Ox stares defeat in the eyes and later one-by-one get eliminated.

Abusement Park is victorious and win the MC 2014 dodgeball tournament.

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