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Spotlight: Ali Englehardt

Junior Ali Engelhardt has recently finished her third season of basketball here at MC and has had a great experience over the years.

Daniel Kenney | Photographer

“Basketball has been a really big part of my life,” Engelhardt said. “It’s helped me meet a lot of new people and expand my friends, and also helped me learn new values like working hard.”

She has made many achievements in basketball throughout her high school career. One of the biggest honors she has gotten has been getting featured in the Union Tribune. This opportunity has given her the chance to be recognized by a variety of people for her basketball skill.

“I loved [being in the paper] because I feel like you get recognition for all your hard work,” Engelhardt said. “It just proves that hard work pays off and people do notice, even if it’s not all the time it proves that they are watching and what you’re doing matters.”

Other than that feature, she has received many other honors and titles.

“Last year I was Palomar player of the year, I made second team CIF and first team Palomar league,” Engelhardt said. “This year I mad Palomar league first team, and also I made all CIF first team and I was second team all-state last year.”

Engelhardt plans to continue to thrive basketball throughout her future after graduating from MC.

“The main colleges that I’m interested in and that are looking at me are Princeton, Gonzaga, USD, and TCU,” Engelhardt said. “Those are my top four schools.”

Her success thus far foreshadows a promising future.


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