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Softball finishes last inning

Marianna McMurdock | Photo Editor

Imagine you’re at Westview playing against your rivals. The game’s intense. Nerves are heightened and players are trying to stay focused… until your centerfielder runs dead into a fence trying to catch a fly ball.

This is one of the comedic memories that have stayed with the varsity girls’ softball team this season.

“The whole team was laughing and it loosened us up for the game,” junior Lenny Troche said. If you ask any of the girls about it they will all remember it. At our banquet we were talking and cracking up.”

Because of memories like this the team has bonded together and the players are sad to see the season end.

“I’m proud because we worked together so well, we had a good time and we all bonded,” junior Leanne Gehrke said. “That strong teamwork helped us fight back through all the games. We have grown more as a family so now were all really close.”

The ability for the team to come back from a few mistakes was also a highlight of the team.

“If we had a bad inning we would come and fight back, go through our struggle, and succeed in the end.” Troche said. “We never got down. We never accepted our loss. We would fight until the very end.”

Keeping up the intensity for all seven innings has been a hard challenge to overcome for the team.

“There would be one inning where we had a bunch of errors I each game,” Gehrke said. “The errors destroyed us.”

Troche had an idea of why this was a persistent problem all season.

“We would be doing okay then we would have one fluke inning,” Troche said. “Softball is very contagious so if one person makes an error its more common for someone else to make one. We just have to stop the inning and get it back on offense.”

The team knows what they need to work on so they have big plans for next season.

“Next season we want to go farther in CIFs,” Troche said. “We had a good chance this year and next year we want to get the championship title.”

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