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MC teams get new coaches

With the end of many sports seasons and the rise of others underway at MC, two teams are about to be facing some big changes. The cheer leading, volley ball, water polo teams at MC have both lost their coaches this year and are going to be getting new ones for the upcoming seasons.

The teams are both trying to embrace the new coaches while they are still missing the coaches from this year.

“My coach the last couple years, I personally was very close with,” junior Kiera Mooney a member of the cheerleading squad said. “It is obviously going to be hard having a new whole set of staff, but she was always really supportive of us and really understanding, but strict at the same time and worked well with all of us.”

The water polo team is also having similar thoughts on losing their coach.

“I really liked our coach this year,” junior Megan Kolp member of the water polo team said. “I didn’t really know the years before, but I really enjoyed the coach from this year because I felt like he had a really good teaching style.”

The cheerleaders have recently meet their new coach, and are anticipating the year ahead with her.

“It was different, for sure, but I think that we are all just trying to keep an opened mind to the changes that she is making,” Mooney said.  “she is our new coach so we kind of have to just go along with it and see what happens.”

On the other hand, the water polo team hasn’t meet their new coach and doesn’t know who it will be yet.

“I am kind of nervous about a new coach,” Kolp said. “I am going to be a goalie and I am going to have to kind of step it up so I am kind of nervous for it.”

There are going to be new things that both teams will have to get used to.

“I think we will be more involved with administrations and we will all be more organized probably,” Mooney said. “I see her being a little bit more strict and we have a lot of good assistant coaches this year so hopefully we will all be doing pretty good.”

In both of the sports, there will be some changes the teams will have to adapt to with their new leadership.

“We are going to be losing about nine people on our team because they are seniors,” Kolp said. “It is going to be an interesting year next year because we are going to have many new people.”

Getting used to the change of new coaches will be a challenge for these teams, but they are working towards a great year even with new coaches.

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