Girl’s tennis’ struggle and recovery

Marianna McMurdock | Photographer
Marianna McMurdock | Photographer

These past few weeks, the girl’s tennis have been on a down. But with the recent win against Patrick Henry, the girls have made a great comeback.
These included doubles matches, which gave the girls some variation from the normal singles.
“It’s cool because they’re the only other matches we play,” sophomore Michelle Kutsanov said.
During Monday’s Professional Growth day, the tennis girls had a tournament against La Costa Canyon, but lost 2-7.
On Tuesday, the girls played against Canyon Crest Academy. Sophomore Samantha Kellerman and her partner, sophomore Andrea Biju, played number one doubles.
However, Kellerman doesn’t normally play with Biju.
“[It was] different. She’s a really good friend of mine, so it made things awkward on the court,” Kellerman said.
The struggle to get used to each other proved difficult, as Kellerman and Biju lost that match 0-6. But after Kellerman and Biju adjusted and won their next matches 6-1 and 6-2.
Despite their best efforts, the girls lost to CCA 4-14.
Even though the girls didn’t win, not all was lost.
“[The best part was] the fact that we pulled it together as partners and went from a big loss to a big win,” said Kellerman.
In order to improve themselves, the girls are changing their practices.
“Coach has rearranged a way for the entire team to get more practice in the amount of time than before,” Kellerman said.
Thursday consisted of a tournament against Torrey Pines.
“They’re one of the best teams, so it’s challenging,” Kutsanov said. The girls won 32 games against Torrey, but still ended with a loss.
“We put up a really good fight.. But one of our girls, Lea [Antrobus, senior], was sick when she was playing their singles girls, so she didn’t run as much,” Kutsanov said, “She still played amazingly, but that might have been one thing.”
With the rival match against Westview, the girls came to a close call, but lost 2-8.
However, the tennis girls aren’t going to let the tough matches get them down. Kutsanov’s last statement was
“Tennis is fun. Tennis is life. Till.”
The positive reinforcement has proved to be successful, as the girls have come back with a win at an away game at Patrick Henry.
With a score of 7-2. the girls have restored their confidence and are ready to serve some love to the Palomar league.

Written by Tiffany Luu

Tiffany is a senior staff writer and the MC SUN's Photo Editor. In the spring, she can be found on the diving board, diving varsity for Mt. Carmel, where she was graciously named "Most Likely to Have No Idea What's Going On." Her favorite hobby is collecting stickers, which she has allowed to overpopulate most of her belongings. Additionally, Tiffany enjoys snowboarding, art history, and Grey's Anatomy.

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