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From their summer practices up until now, MC field hockey has been preparing for the pressure of the season. Their 7-3 record is an indication of hard work in practice paying off on the field, especially last week, despite heat waves and lightning.
“Monday we played Santana, and we beat them 4-2,” sophomore Nicole Glidden said. “The ref made bad calls […] and [the other team] scored off of those in the second half. We had originally scored two in the first half, and after they got [their goals] in the last ten minutes, we got really mad and scored two more.”
The next day, a heat wave kept the team from competing against Bishop in La Jolla; on Friday they returned for a 6-1 win against El Capitan.
“Wednesday we had the day off,” Glidden said. “Thursday we had morning practice, which sucked. The worst part [of field hockey] is definitely the morning practices, because I’m forced to get up early before school.”
In the past few years, MC has worked to make their field hockey team a force to be reckoned with.
“My freshman year it wasn’t as serious- it was more of a new sport to our school,” senior Megumi Barber said. “But as the years went by, we got more interest from incoming juniors and sophomores and freshmen, and we’ve improved as a team a lot.”
Glidden has noticed improvement too, both as an individual and as an addition to the team’s general progress.
“I started the summer of freshman year,” Glidden said. “Being a sophomore now I think I know my place more and where to be on the field. The game has gotten easier for me and my skills have improved.”
A major aspect of field hockey life is the team mentality, which has also developed further this season.
“We all know each other more so we’ve come together, and you can see more people are willing to work together on the field,” Glidden said. “Last year there was a big trust issue on the team, because there were new freshmen, including me, and I think people just didn’t really trust our ability at that point.”
Being a newbie has its disadvantages, including the challenge of playing with more seasoned players.
“Now that one of our star players graduated, we’ve kind of been forced to come together more,” Glidden said.
As an experienced member of the team, Barber appreciates the teamwork that holds the team together.
“The best part is the team and how close we are, and we all are there to support each other,” Barber said.
Despite recent success in the season, the field hockey girls are still looking to improve.
“Personally, I want to improve on my skills, and as a team I think we’re just trying to improve on teamwork,” Barber said. “And kicking butt.”

Written by Annie Price

Annie is a senior and a co-editor-in-chief for the MC Sun. Her hobbies include dodging questions about her future, driving on an empty tank of gas, and forcing people to look at pictures of her dogs.

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