Cross Country: Palomar Cluster

Not even 103 degree heat deterred MC cross country from performing well at the Palomar Cluster meet.
“The meet was at Kit Carson Park, and it was really hot and dusty, which made it hard to breathe,” junior Bailey Sandstrom said. ¨You have all this dirt in your eyes and teeth so you feel really uncomfortable and gross, but you just have to realize, ‘I’m here to race’.”
Sandstrom, like many of his teammates, kept a positive attitude and used his pain as additional fuel for his desire to finish.
¨During my race, I was thinking the pain would all end soon once I reached the finish line,” Sandstrom said. “I was even more motivated to finish.¨
It was a successful racing day not only for Sandstrom but for the boys team as a whole.
“This was probably one of my best placings for cross country,” Sandstrom said. “Also, we got second out of seven teams so I’m pretty proud of myself and the team.”
The girls were faced up against many factors that weren’t in their favor, but they still executed well.
“It was a hard race though because it was three miles and we usually race 2.75,” senior Elena Garcia said. “Also, it was so hot outside that people just collapsed on the course.”
Despite these obstacles, varsity pulled through and placed second out of six schools.
“Our team actually showed up pretty well,” Garcia said. “Varsity girls got second place and in the past I know we’ve gotten like sixth or fifth every time so it was really awesome to see us come through as a team.”
Garcia had an exceptional meet individually as well, placing first out of 56 runners.
“It was awesome to get first in this meet,” Garcia said. “I knew going into it that my competition was really good, and I was able to beat a few of the girls who’ve beaten me before this past season. It feels really awesome to leave a mark somehow.”
Garcia has high hopes for the future regarding CIF’s.
“Torrey Pines came in first this meet, but they aren’t in our division for CIF’s so that’s looking promising.”
MC’s runners have proved that their strength and willpower will continue to drive them toward more victories.

Photo courtesy| Elena Garcia
Photo courtesy|
Elena Garcia

Written by Chloe Heinz

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