Coach Standout: Volleyball

Ciro Gonzalez | Photographer
Ciro Gonzalez | Photographer

“My favorite moment has to be the last point of our CIF match, right after Matt got the game winning kill,” junior Michael Keegan said. “Everyone ran on the court and everyone was screaming and going crazy, that was really fun.”

During the boys’ volleyball CIF championship this year, Keegan helped lead his team to their eventual win in the finals against Del Norte.

“He is the hardest worker and leader of this team,” boys’ volleyball head coach Patsy Malta said.

Keegan has been playing volleyball since he was a little kid, but the MC team is the first organized team he played on.

“I started playing volleyball freshmen year for the high school team, but before that my mom and dad both played volleyball for many years, so I played with them,” Keegan said. “So [my family] played a lot as kids, so when I had the opportunity to play for an actual team I took it.”

His favorite part about the sport is how everything is less regimented than other sports, and as a result it lets him play his own game.

“Volleyball is fun because it is more laid back than other sports, “Keegan said. “Other sports are really strict, and really regimented, and you have to do everything exactly the way the coach wants. With volleyball you play a bit more loose, and it’s really fun to play and you get to do what you want, you still listen to the coaches, but you definitely get to have more of your own game involvement,” Keegan said.

He also stresses how much of a team effort it is, and how the feeling of being on the team plays a big role in his play.

“Our team is really close, and that kind of help us trust each other to do our job, and we don’t want to win for ourselves, we want to win for every guy playing on our team,” Keegan said.

Going into next year, he believes that despite losing some great seniors, the current juniors will be able to step up and fill their shoes.

“Losing the seniors will be tough, we had a couple of our starters, so losing them will be tough but we have juniors who are ready to step up and fill those positions, so next year we should do well.”

Written by Brandon Noyes

This year is Bradon's first year on staff, where he is a writer. He is in Science Olympiad, Speech and Debate, and is on the swim team. Brandon enjoys skiing, sailing, and eating most foods.

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