Catching up with cross country

Both boys and girls cross country have earned high-ranked spots for MC in their previous meets.
In first meet, the Bronco Round-Up, our teams set high standards for the season.
The boys came in fifth place out of twelve schools. Garrett De Long placed third with a time of 9:53.9, which hugely contributed to earning the team’s top spot.
¨The first meet, a lot of the guys were sick but we still performed just as well,¨ junior Jared Harrison said.
The girls came in third out of twelve schools. Elena Garcia claimed fifth place with a finishing time of 11:44.7.
¨Usually with our team we drop off after a certain amount but we have a really solid top nine so it’s looking really good this year,¨ Jared Harrison said.
The next meet, Mt. Carmel Invite, was also a successful racing day full of growth and personal records.
Girls took second out of ten other competing schools, with Elena Garcia and Nika Cokas placing in the top twenty out of 135 runners.
¨The first two meets were incredible because they showed the potential of the team this year,¨ senior Mae Lee said. ¨We have an extremely deep team compared to the other teams in our division.¨
The most recent meet, Dana Hills Invitational, was one of the larger meets so far this year. Despite the increased number of competitors, MC still performed well.
Boys placed tenth out of twelve schools. Garrett De Long played a vital role in the boys score due to his accomplishment of fourth place out of 198 other racers.
Garcia received eighth out of 169 girl runners, which assisted her team in earning seventh out of eighteen teams.
¨Dana Hills is a short course but it’s really fast, so it’s kind of a way to test ourselves a bit,¨ Harrison said. ¨It’s a lot of downhills so it’s better for speed.¨
Overall, the runners are looking forward to growing and progressing together.
¨We’re a much stronger and closer team this year,¨ Mae Lee said, ¨so that’s what makes me really excited for this season.¨

Girls results from the Bronco Round-Up meet
Girls results from the Bronco Round-Up meet

Written by Chloe Heinz

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