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Batter up for the softball season

With their next set of games just around the corner, the varsity softball team is pumped to play their next tournament the Falcon Fiesta.

Despite the fun names, tournaments are still a challenge for the team. Freshman and varsity left-fielder Alexis Cole said that the team “was trying to pull the ball too much.”

“Pulling the ball” means that the team was trying to hit the ball too far into the left field.

Cole also said that the varsity team also has to work on holding a high energy level throughout all innings.

“Sometimes later in the game we drop off a little,” said Cole. “I think that we just need to keep up the intensity because when we do, we play really well.”

The team is still improving their communication skills and working out the kinks in the beginning of the season because of all the new freshmen on the team.

“This season there are six freshmen. Last season there were two,” said Cole.

The number of new members was also brought up by senior and softball pitcher Megan Leyva.

“We have a lot of new girls this year and I feel like we’re working harder and we want to do good,” Leyva said.

This could be a great combination, setting the team up for wins in the future.

“I think it’s a good thing [that there are freshmen on the team] because then we’re going to have these freshmen for the next three years so we will be able to develop more,” Cole said.

After a 3-7 loss against Cathedral, the team has had time to reflect on their performance and how they plan to come back with force.

This is one of varsity strengths as a team so far in the season.

“I think we’re really good at putting our losses behind us and staying ahead,” Cole said.

Leyva wants to make a lasting impression before she leaves MC for good.

“Hopefully we can make it far into CIFs this year since it’s my last.”

The team is now ready to enter into the Falcon Fiesta with a fighting attitude that will continue into their league play and hopefully taking them all the way to CIFs.

About Aliyah Corrao

Aliyah Corrao is a freshman here at Mount Carmel. In addition to writing for the Sun, she enjoys stereotypical white girl activities such as shopping and Starbucks. When she isn't drinking a caramel frapp or singing 5sos , she can be found in the pool swimming for MC.

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