Fight on: MC football is undefeated in the new season



Photo | Zac Solomon
Photo | Zac Solomon

Nothing signals the start of the new school year like football season, and by the looks of it, this is one exciting year.

Last Friday, ironically on Friday the 13th, MC achieved a stunning victory against Rancho Bernardo with a final score of 23-20. This signals MC’s third victory, after a 34-13 victory against La Jolla and a 41-6 victory against Fallbrook, in other words, they are undefeated.

MC’s victories could be attributed to Head Coach John Anderson’s steady and ever progressing play style, where the offense gains a few yards with every play.

“We really worked this summer and last spring on getting a more balanced attack of rushing and passing the ball. We are really happy with our balance between rushing the ball and passing the ball,” Anderson said.

However, as many great players and coaches know, offense doesn’t always win the game. Senior Simeon Frost, one of the team’s fullbacks, praises his defense.

“I give it all to my line and my defense; they held it down really well. I give all my touchdowns to my line, nothing else,” Frost said.

With his speed and his strong line Frost has been able to achieve an astounding 118 yards in their first game against La Jolla.

Senior Cory Fox, the team’s quarterback, has also been having a great season. He had over 100 yards in the first game and threw a touchdown.

Many different factors play into the successes of the game. One of the very powerful elements at the Rancho Bernardo game was the amazing red sea. Whether chanting, cheering, or dancing the red sea really showed what it means to be a sun devil.

With the coaches steady play style, the raw athletic and quick thinking talent of the players and the amazing morale boost from MC’s amazing crowd, this season is turning out to be one of victory. Fight on!

Written by Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews was born on September 15th 1996 in Boulder, Colorado. At the age of two he moved with his family to San Diego, California. He joined the MC Sun newspaper during junior year and became the editor of the opinions section, starting his senior year. He enjoys many hobbies including model building, role-play gaming and anime.